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Costa Rica is among the most widely used tourist locations within the Americas. This tropical paradise boasts great beaches, rainforests, mountain tops, people and culture. It’s no surprise this small Central American country is among the tourism powerhouses from the Americas. For more information about Low Cost Living Costa Rica, visit our website today.

The Folks:

Costa Rica has got the unique characteristic for the reason that it doesn’t have any military. That’s the best manifestation of a peaceful nation. Costa Rica’s are classified as “Ticos” and they are know throughout South America to be individuals who very positive, friendly and filled with existence. In Costa Rica, the nation’s catch phrase of those and also the country is “pura vida,” which translates to “pure existence.”


Costa Rica has numerous famous beaches. Some beaches attract viewers from around the globe while some attract vacationers and local people. Costa Rica has the advantage of getting both a Off-shore and Chesapeake bay passing on lots of beaches to select from. Beaches of Costa Rica have something for everybody. Some beaches have nice waves for viewers, while other like Jacob beach possess a party atmosphere, while some simply have pristine waters for those who much like to have a nice calm go swimming on the beautiful beach.


The rainforest is easily the most valuable and special part relating to this country. Being so narrow and situated between two oceans within the tropics implies that the rain is abundant. You will find many conservation efforts inside the country through the municipality and foreign traders. You might not cut lower a tree in Costa Rica any longer and you’ll not really take fallen trees from inside the habitat without correct permission in the condition. The Guanacaste region was deforested for farming and today they suffer drought leading to the forest to become dry. Now about 25% of the nation remains safe and secure land. Certainly one of Costa Rica’s benefits is the fact that it is so mall and it has different types of conditions in close closeness. Should you be willing to travel, you may be in the sunny beach at 9am in Guanacaste (northwest), at 1pm inside a tropical jungle with hot springs in San Carlos (north), at 3pm within the capital San Jose having a mild weather (March, center), and also at 5pm in cold mountain temperature (5 Celsius) in Cartago (east).


Costa Rica is recognized as to be among the 20 nations with finest bio-diversity on the planet. Its geographic position, its two shorelines and it is mountainous system, which supplies numerous and varied microclimates, are the reasons that specify this natural wealth, both when it comes to species and environments. The greater than 500,000 species which are present in this small country represent over 3Percent from the total species believed worldwide. Of those 500,000 species, approximately 300,000 are bugs.

Palmares Fiestas:

When Costa Ricans are carried out honoring the Christmas and Year holidays, they’ve another party to expect to: The Palmares fiestas, certainly one of Costa Rica’s most anticipated traditional festivities. Palmares, the suburbs between Alajuela and San Ramon, is renowned for hosting the very best fiestas and tope (equine parade) in the united states. Throughout the other half of The month of january, Palmares becomes the focus for a lot of local people. Every year, the Palmares fiestas begin the 2nd week of The month of january and continue with the month with a number of occasions planned through the Asociacion Civica Palmarena. Included in this are concerts, fireworks, sporting activities, “chinamo” tents with alcohol and food, the toros a la Tica (Costa Rican-style bullfighting) along with a traditional equine parade. Want to know more about costa rica medical tourism? Visit our website for more information.